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What Is Flangoo?

Flangoo is a subscription-based service for digital Spanish readers! A sister company of Teacher’s Discovery®, Flangoo creates an affordable solution for Spanish teachers who want to offer students a wide range of Spanish readers. One Flangoo account gives you and up to 150 students access to an entire virtual Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) library.

Selection of Spanish Readers

Flangoo has titles from well-known authors such as Mira Canion, Jennifer Degenhardt, Tom Alsop, and Paula Twomey—just to name a few. Spanish readers are organized by difficulty level, so readers can find a selection of titles targeted to their skill level.

Competitive Prices

No more buying packs of $6-$12 paperback readers for a class of students. Just $99 gives you and 150 students unlimited access for an entire year. That's less than 15 cents per student! With a growing library of titles, varying difficulty levels, and even audio recordings on select stories, you save money while gaining value.

Made for a Hybrid Learning Environment

<<<<<<< HEAD Most U.S. schools are designing hybrid curriculums for the fall (remote learning and in classroom instruction together), and we want you to be ======= Most U.S. schools are designing hybrid curriculums for the fall (remote learning and in-classroom instruction together), and we want you to be >>>>>>> master prepared. Flangoo works anywhere on any device, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. No software or special apps required. Whether you are in class, at home, on Google Classroom, or even on the moon, your students can still access an entire library of Spanish readers.

Disclaimer: We don't actually know what the Wi-Fi coverage is on the moon.

Upgrades? Heck Yeah!

We are continuously adding new features to Flangoo as we get feedback from teachers AND students! We are working on adding comprehensive chapter questions that are easy to add to Google Classroom, full chapter audio by native speakers, more titles for your students’ enjoyment, and more!

Other Benefits

We don't ask for student info. There is no training required to use Flangoo, but support is always available if you need it. The trial is free and doesn't ask for a credit card. The paid version is available month-to-month, or save nearly 60% by purchasing annually. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Annual accounts do not auto-renew. Call us for custom quotes on multi-teacher licenses!

Try it today. You and your students are going to love it.