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Pre-level, Levels 1, 2, and 3, and more advanced stories

Use it on the computer, phone, or tablet, or project it in class

Stream Comprehensible Readers on Demand for Today's Remote Learners

Flangoo is a web-based service that streams World Language digital readers to your students at home. Subscriptions work with any device, from laptops to desktops, tablets to smartphones. Wherever your students are, Flangoo is at their fingertips.

How does it work? You, the teacher, purchase the subscription for a low monthly fee and get access to the entire Flangoo library for yourself and up to 180 of your students. Students get unique passcodes and individual access to read the books. You choose the books or make it your online FVR library and let your students choose what they read. Think of it like our version of Netflix® for readers!

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"A great way to have FVR books at your students’ fingertips."

"Great resource for distance learning!"

"This is really a great tool to practice reading comprehension, having so many books in the same place."

"A cost effective way to give students access to lots of reading opportunities."

"My students loved these! Please check out these high-interest readers that don’t overly frustrate students at lower levels like an original novel or short story in Spanish might. It’s such a great building tool!"

"If you are looking to add readings to supplement your curriculum or if you want to add free voluntary reading, this is a nice resource. Also, with COVID concerns there is no worry about sharing paper materials."

"A great tool for any situation whether distance learning or back in the classroom"

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